IP CCTV System

Intro to IP Video

IP video technology provides flexible, scalable, and cost-effective surveillance solutions suitable for a wide range of industries and applications. With an IP-based video surveillance setup, users can monitor and record video remotely using an IP network as the system’s backbone. IP video installations can be deployed in any environment, and offer many benefits previously unavailable with analogue CCTV systems.

Professional High Definition Camera range covers all current day requirements where analogue cameras fall short, suitable for advanced industrial installations, commercial locations and large scale systems.

Multi Mega Pixel

Instead of having to install 30 Analogue cameras, 10 HD cameras can do a much better job.

Power Over Ethernet

Save resources & time by eliminating electrical sockets, POE comes standard with cameras & even NVRs.

Smart IR Technology

Roboza’s Smart Infrared Technology Automatically controls the IR sensitivity based on object’s distance.

Full Data Protection

Security experts’ biggest nightmare is losing records due to disk crashes; Roboza solves this with built-in RAID.

Open-Minded Systems

Roboza’s NVRs accept IP cameras from other brands, and selected IP cameras from Roboza support ONVIF2.0

Super Wide Coverage

Opt for the super wide lens option for the maximum detail capturing and minimal dead spots.

Ultra High Performance

Only superior components keep delivering beyond the warranty period, Roboza uses such components.

Designed for High Risk

Roboza systems shine in many business implementations globally, from banks to manufacturing facilities.

[Future & Past]-Proof

Upgrading an old system? You don’t have to throw away analogue cameras or cables, Roboza retrofits & adapts.

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