Motion Detection System

Wired Detectors

Movantech provides the most advanced range of wired detectors for commercial, industrial and residential sites. Our solutions for high-security (Grade 3) indoor, outdoor and perimeter property protection set the standard for high-performance, reliable detection in these kinds of sites and premises.

Our wide range of wired detectors provides a solution for almost any challenging environment or installation requirement – both indoors and outdoors – as well as for access control, energy management, CCTV motion control, and glass break applications.

Wireless Property Protection

Movantech provides comprehensive, wireless home security solutions – reliably protecting houses, contents and people within. Our wide range of PowerMax control panels and peripherals suit varied needs; innovative communication capabilities, built-in to most of our panels, suit any infrastructure.

Interactive and Communication

Movantech’s PowerMax and PowerMaster home security alarm systems include cellular and IP connectivity options for broadband- and/or GSM/GPRS communications, enabling uninterrupted data transfer in case of a link failure or interferences. These options enable to install the home security system with the most suitable communication links and security backup for any premises and any customer. Additionally, you can connect the IP-enabled PowerMax system to PowerLink, Movantech’s Internet-based solution, and to the offered wireless surveillance cameras for advanced home security and control.

Because most communication modules are internal, installation and upgrades are quick and easy and they can be changed or added to the panel – even several years later – according to the evolving infrastructure.

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