Storage System

Storage Solutions

Forward-thinking security professionals have discovered that digital storage and retrieval systems open up all new possibilities in surveillance operations and management. These unprecedented, highly reliable surveillance recording systems provide scalability to meet extended user needs.

Central Video Management Displays

Video management consoles that puts your live and recorded video right at your finger tips. This full-fledged console has the ability to decode digital video on large scale video surveillance systems with ease. Giving you the ability to take video streams from different locations making it easy to consolidate everything into a single command center. With features such as multi-site management, event popup, and integrated layer maps this Samsung video surveillance solution is the ideal choice for a video management system.

Central Video Management Servers

Utilization of the Management server functions as primary data managements, which allows the Network Video Recorder (NVR) to apply bandwidth to focus of video storage. Using a management server optimizes the use of all other digital security and surveillance appliances such as the NVR and viewing station by distributing bandwidth to reach maximum performance.

Network Video Recorders

Samsung offers a range of Network Video Recorders (NVR) that are custom configured for Samsung Net i-Ware, SSM and also VMS partners recording solutions. Powered by Seneca Data, these purpose built systems are engineered to work directly with Samsung VMS and certified VMS partner software, ensuring maximum performance and compatibility guaranteeing a quality surveillance system. The product line comes in range of scalable NVRs including a 16, 32, 64, and 64/72 channel enterprise configuration.

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