When you are dealing with highly regulated, critical equipment regular inspections are necessary to comply with regulations–you would often use process safety management software (also known as Asset Performance Management Software (or APM)) .

These must be well-documented and provide a precise view of the facility. Some companies try to use spreadsheets or older asset management systems that are grossly incomplete in CITY. Unfortunately…


Unfortunately, we often make the following mistakes:

  • Trying to use too many or the wrong tools
    • Many use spreadsheets–don’t integrate, incomplete picture of facility conditions
    • Some don’t manage all your assets – back to spreadsheets!
  • Don’t have a standardized inspection process
    • Many systems only list the item to be inspected in CITY, without providing a standard list of items to consider or a standard rating scale.
  • Lack critical assessments
    • Many lack corrosion under insulation (CUI) and other critical non-intrusive inspection (NII) elements or require expensive add-ons for common assessments.
  • Most only create static dashboards
    • Many alternatives only generate static, non-integrated dashboard reports, versus a dynamic dashboard that can tell you status and possible problems in real-time
  • Most are WAY too pricey!
    • Many software tools are embarrassingly expensive with additional ongoing costs and add ons, or require you to pay for features you won’t even use.


How do you manage all your critical assets, have a standardized inspection process, plus have the ability to assess your facility in real-time (even between formal inspections)… all at a price within reach?

Perhaps, you should consider…


  • Created by engineers with over 75 years of industry experience
  • Have worked with BHPBilliton, ConocoPhilips, Woodside, Alcoa, Chevron, and Inpex Corporation


There are FIVE main reasons to consider AXIS

  1. The MOST assets managed
  2. BEST at work management
  3. One of the BEST assessment tools
  4. BEST at real-time condition and health
  5. Plus, the price-performance leader

Let’s consider these in more detail

1) Most Assets Managed – for Asset Performance Management

AXIS manages all the critical asset types; (1) pressure equipment, (2) piping, and (3) tanks. Plus, it manages several types that are fairly unique:

  • Pressure Safety Valves. AXIS pulls from the datasheet specifications into the work pack and report for inspection, testing, RBI, and reporting of PSV. Ensures you are comparing the manufactures specifications to your actual testing results.
  • Safety Instrumented System. Records failures electronically during the inspection and test process, automates the calculation of failure rates, so you don’t need to test as often if the component consistently doesn’t show problems.
  • Hazardous Area Equipment. Organizes and stores your verification dossiers, making it easy to generate reports for compliance and regulators in CITY.
  • Onshore pipelines. Manages the pipeline corridor inspections for third-party interference, leaks, and external corrosion, standardizing and streamlining the pipeline inspection process.

 2) Best at Work Management

AXIS includes a consistent workflow, showcasing maintenance status, automated reporting, and providing a tablet interface for on-site use. Plus, several elements that are unique to AXIS, Asset Performance Management Software:

  • Configurable Inspection Elements. AXIS has specifically designed condition trackers called indicators, which are distinctive for each asset and are customizable. Workflow and results are simplified, allowing you to trend and analyze inspection and assessment data effortlessly.
  • Standardized asset states interface. Quickly capture your assets’ condition in five states (No Action Required, Monitor, Action Required, Immediate Action Required, Not Applicable). Designed for easy analysis and trending for decision-making and maintenance execution.
  • Integrated CMMS Electronic Work pack generation. Automatically develops electronic work packs with critical information pulled from your CMMS, reducing time spent for manual work pack creation and development.
  • Real-time Anomaly Management. Capture, prioritize, and track your problems as your inspection is carried out through simultaneous data capture and visualization. This reduces the need for additional tools to manage this process.

3) One of the BEST Assessment Tools in CITY

AXIS, Asset Performance Management Software (APM) has Risk-Based Inspection available for both pressure safety valves and tanks. Most importantly:

  • Integrated Semi-Quantitative Risk-Based Inspection. Uses a semi-quantitative approach that divides external and internal analysis and uses a quantitative approach for age-related damage mechanisms, so you don’t spend all your time looking for data and making inconsistent assumptions.
  • Corrosion under Insulation (CUI). AXIS incorporates a risk-based approach based on API 583 to manage corrosion under insulation – singling out and prioritizing critical equipment that may be subjected to CUI.
  • Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII). AXIS has a built-in Non-Intrusive Inspection assessment capability that uses the industry-standard; HOIS recommended practice. The system digitizes and simplifies this difficult process in CITY.

4) Best at Real-time Condition and Health

AXIS covers asset health monitoring, integrity operating windows, and KPIS, plus:

  • Integrated Dashboards. Pulls in critical, real-time data from inspections, assessments, notifications, and your CMMS to form interactive. Provides unified dashboards and provides a visualization of your facilities’ real-time condition and risks.
  • Regulatory reporting. Generates critical reports in a few clicks – easily shows how your facility is managed and its anomalies without the excessive paperwork for process safety management.
  • Alerts. Raises maintenance notifications during the inspection process to help you keep track of actions that are needed within your facility in real-time.

 5) The price-performance leader

  • LOWER Total Cost of Ownership. Shifts the cost from a capital-intensive up-front fee to a cloud-based consumption model for your process safety management software.
  • Subscriber Based. Allows you to scale your business cost-effectively in CITY.
  • Simple Pricing/ No residual costs. Unlike most alternatives, maintenance, updates, and upgrades are included in a singular price. No additional add-on costs so you have the highest ROI.
  • Lowest Entry Price. Has a lower initial price, plus it is all-inclusive, providing the best value for the cost.

Old Life

You open your old asset performance management software.

Everything looks so complicated, cluttered, and hard to navigate. At least this is better than spreadsheets… right? Even after a couple of weeks with this thing, you’d need a refresher course on it.

You try creating a work pack but you take so much time trying to pull data from different sources- not to mention the additional data cleaning you would have to do when you get the data back!

Don’t even talk about your anomaly management. You’re looking at the clock, you realize it’s only five minutes until the reliability meeting. You scramble trying to create facility data graphs that need to be presented. You hope Mr. Regulator doesn’t come knocking soon.

New Life

You open AXIS. The user interface is clean, seamless. Within a few clicks, you have an approved work scope; ready for the upcoming inspection. When the results come it is easily reviewed, approved, and your dashboards are updated automatically with the inspection results.

Everything is streamlined and consistent. Your anomalies are identified and tracked during the inspection process. All you have to do is raise notifications in your CMMS. You walk into the reliability meeting five minutes early. Confident and ready with your reports and charts easily generated by AXIS.

Bring it on Mr. Regulator

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