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Movantech aims to work with you to provide your business with communications solutions that can help you deliver services that generate new sources of revenue, transform operations to achieve business and service excellence, and build smarter networks.

Movantech’ s expertise in installation of IP PBX Solutions, Contact Center Solutions, Unified Communications Solutions, Midmarket Solutions, Enterprise Solutions, Video Conferencing Solutions is in high demand in the region. The highly qualified and trained team of certified consultants and engineers can help you pick the highest quality of AV solutions for your company and provide you with the best of solutions for your business communication.

Movantech team ensures delivery of consistent and quality service which would help you to optimize business efficiency, maintain security and proactive cost management. We enable you to make informed decisions on every aspect of your end-to-end communications.

Products & Solutions


Movantech understands that PBX telecommunications and data form the heartbeat of the modern business. Movantech has grown its presence in the UAE and INDIA PABX/PBX market by providing reliable, cost-effective PBX solutions accompanied by a world class after sales PABX/PBX service.
We are committed to keeping this level of PBX service through our dedicated teams of in-house and external service personnel nationwide supporting both single location and multi-location organisations. Our Service personnel are trained in a variety of the PBX/PABX brands that we supply and are available via both service contracts and one-off ad-hoc service call outs.

Communication and Messaging

With our Communication and Messaging tools, we help our users—executives, managers, receptionists, walk-ups, and mobile and remote employees—stay connected, accessible, and productive all day. The various technologies we provide will help you bring all your communication modes together in a single client, giving you a common interface across platforms, including Android, Windows, and Apple systems. Connecting with others for conversations, meetings, and projects gets easier when you’re using just one integrated communications center.

Video Conferencing

Standing out while doing business is all about effective communication, but communication is not all about technology. It is about making contact, building effective relationships, exchanging ideas and thoughts, devise new ways for people to connect remotely.

Video conferencing challenges the visual and geographical barriers & brings people together. Imagine how different your organization will be if every meeting will be a face to face interaction from any location, from any room, desktop or mobile device.